Telemedicine Instructions

We are now able to see all children in the office regardless of symptoms or COVID exposure. Our protocols and procedures ensure safe and convenient well and sick visits, and we are able to perform rapid antigen tests or send off PCR tests for COVID-19 when necessary. Thanks to this increase in availability, telemedicine services have been discontinued at our Jasper, Woodville, and Rusk locations. Telemedicine services remain available at our Lufkin location. Our nurse triage service is also available at all times when the office is closed. https://www.thechildrensclinic...

Children's Clinic of Lufkin

Daytime telemedicine services are available when scheduled by our staff weekdays 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

To make a telemedicine appointment:

  1. Please go to or download the V2MD app. Allow notifications and enable your microphone and camera. Use your child's name to register as a patient, or if that is not possible please make sure your child's name and DOB are in the message.
  2. During the work week our schedulers will create your telemedicine visit and send you an invite. If requesting a visit after-hours or on the weekend, click the "Request a New Video Visit" button. You will then be asked to select a provider. Please select your specific doctor; there is not a general Children's Clinic of Lufkin icon. If you don't see your primary doctor please search for the others, as who is available on call will vary.
  3. Follow the instructions as given. You can also upload pictures if needed.
  4. After clicking the "Submit Information" button, your request will be sent. On weekdays you will be messaged and appointed for a specific time, and one of our staff members will call you to get background information. After hours and on weekends the doctor will contact you for availability. Please stay close to your phone. Upon receiving the notification or email of an appointment follow the instructions and click "Start Video Call". Soon thereafter the doctor or nurse practitioner will connect with you. If you are having trouble seeing messages, click the "details" tab and scroll down.

Preparing for your telemedicine visit:

1. Please check your child's temperature, check or estimate their weight, and prepare a list of medications that your child has taken over the last few weeks, as this information with be very helpful to the doctors. If you have a preferred pharmacy please have their phone number available to share.

2. Ensure you are in a location that is well lit and quiet, and that you have an additional light source to assist the doctor in examining your child. Having good wifi service will enhance the quality of the visit.

3. Stay near your phone or computer so that when you receive a notice that the doctor is ready you will be able to log on quickly. And don't forget to have your child nearby so we can examine them!

4. When the visit starts share your biggest concern first, convey all important information, and ensure all of your questions are answered before the end of the visit. If a prescription is required make sure the doctor knows your preferred pharmacy and their phone number.


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