• Flu, common colds, most viral infections – until free of fever for 24 hours
  • Strep throat – until free of fever for 24 hours or 12-24 hours after starting antibiotics (AAP says 12 hours, Texas HHS says 24)
  • Conjunctivitis – until on drops 12 hours or otherwise cleared by provider
  • Vomiting – until symptoms resolve
  • Diarrhea – until stools not coming out of diaper or no incontinence for older patients, no blood or mucous in stool, and frequency does not exceed 2 stools above normal for the patient
  • Fifth disease – until free of fever 24 hours
  • Hand foot mouth disease – until free of fever 24 hours and able to swallow/contain drool
  • Skin infections – until drainage can be contained and maintained in a bandage
  • Impetigo and ringworm – no exclusion as long as covered
  • Scabies – until treatment has begun
  • Lice – no exclusion needed
  • Chicken pox – until all lesions are crusted and no new lesions for 24 hours

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